Wingnut Wings Fokker D VII

I started this model over a year ago with buddy Bob Kerfonta, we’re building them together. He has the (OAW) version. We started fast on the cockpit and the engines but have bogged down. I thought I’d start a page to chronicle my build and maybe motivated to finish. Just poke me when I’m not going fast enough. So here’s where I am. The cockpit has several pieces done.

Done so far, cockpit floor, and some tanks.

Magnetos wired.

That stuff was done a long time ago, and the wings had been glued together in anticipation of putting on the lozenge decals. End of project.

So I restarted the other day right where I’d left off and talked to several people about the best way to do there decals. I also visited the WW webpage for tips. All agreed that the best way was to paint the wings with a good gloss. I used Krylon white that came in a small (hobby) can called Short shots. It went on smooth as glass and I waited 24 hours for it to gas out. I don’t have one of Mike Ramps food dehydrators, but I guess that would be a good investment and would have sped up the process by a day.
Sprayed with Krylon white.

So, today, on to the decals. I made and emergency call to Bozworth for a word about setting solutions. He said he’s used them, but the WW site says you don’t need to and that some may damage the decals. I used just water and a hair dryer. Bill B did warn me to beware that the decals would wrap around the edges so that you can get complete coverage. So adjust them so that all the edges hang over evenly and the hair dryer will push them down and seal them to the edges. I did have to put in a couple of slices on the top corners. I will have to go around the attachment points for the aerlieons to make them settle all the way down, but I’m going to wait to make sure they are really stuck first.
So, here is the decals on the bottom. I started with the top ones because they were mostly flat. These are terrific and fit like a glove.

Question, does anyone know what the white areas are ? Look like some type of access panel for the struts. Color ? Asking is easier than research.
I've just gotten back into modeling since I joined the club 2 years ago. I've since become the editor of the newsletter and actually completed a couple of models. I've also learned I can use an airbrush. The club is the best thing for a modeler because of the great guys in it and their willingness to help and newcomer like me. I've had just a bunch of fun. Thanks Guys


  1. Dan Gardon
    February 18, 2019

    Great work Dave!

  2. Gary Mason
    February 25, 2019

    Great work so far, Dave. Looking forward to seeing how she looks once completed. Good Luck!!
    Gary Mason

  3. Gary D. Mason
    March 21, 2019

    Hey, Dave!! Haven’t seen an update here in a long while. How’s the build coming along?


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