William Everhart

Name: William Everhart

Callsign: FreeWillie

Vice President of Club


“Like Master Yoda, I too am a real Charlottean, born and raised here in Charlotte, NC. I have been building scale models since childhood. My father introduced me to the hobby as a way to spend time together. I took a brief hiatus from the hobby in my teens to chase women, cars and a career (not necessarily in that order) but returned in 1993 when I found the right woman. I joined our club shortly thereafter and have been enjoying it ever since. I have no preferred modeling subject. I will build and paint anything that sits still long enough. I am co-owner of a collectible statue manufacturing company so I do a lot of molding and casting of figure statues for the company. Most of the modeling work I have been doing lately is building and painting masters for my company but like most modelers, I have a model stash waiting for my return.”