John Alger’s “Old Work”

As most of you know, I have not been a prolific builder. This is mostly due to 1. time and 2. lack of place to build. So here I will post some of my old work which dates back to at least the early 70’s. Most of these are commissions I did for others. I currently possess only two completed models: my USS Lexington and an RA-5C Vigilante which I have occasionally brought to the meetings. I also have the Dragon 1/72 scale Saturn V, but don’t really consider that a kit – it is pre-painted. One of these days I will re-work it to make it more accurate and repaint it with proper decals.

The first offering is my Revell 1/543 USS Lexington, depicting the ship as it was when I carrier qualified on it in 1974. I completed this in 1980 and it took a 1st place at the Jacksonville IPMS show when I was stationed at NAS Cecil. I made many modifications to the kit as it is not accurate for any SBC-27C/125 mod Essex class carrier. First off, the hull is too narrow and unfortunately, that cannot be fixed. I added a hangar deck, modified the forward centerline elevator, added the ACLS radome at the back of the island, and made new masts and radars out of brass wire and screen. This was in the days before photo-etch! The single-seat A-4s that came in the kit were modified to be TA-4s and tailhooks were added to the T-2s. All aircraft markings were from photos and except for the stars-n-bars were hand painted.

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