Jim Kiker

Club President Jim "Yoda" Kiker

Name: Jim Kiker

Callsign: Yoda

Club President


“Somewhat uncommonly for this area, I was born and raised here in Charlotte, went off to college, the military, work, and eventually came back home. I started modeling around the age of 6 or 7, assembling the old Hawk 1/72 scale aircraft. Thanks to my first-grade teacher, I picked up a passion for airplanes and the space program, keeping up with it from Alan Shepards’ first ride all the way through the Apollo program. My modeling trailed off a bit during high school and college, but I never stopped working on models and wherever I’ve lived I’ve hunted up the local model club and joined in. My abiding interest in modeling has been mostly WWII single engine aircraft. My Air Force experience led me to building reconnaissance aircraft, and that taught me a great deal about conversion and scratch building over the years. In more recent times I’ve branched off a bit into Science Fiction; it makes a nice break from the historical authenticity I strive for with the aircraft. As I have gotten older I enjoy the lively give and take among my model geek buddies, both during meetings and out in the world at large. I’ve made life-long friends, been lucky enough to do some traveling in the world, and one thing I know- modelers are pretty much the same wherever they come from! “