FreeWillie’s M3 Stuart

I have to say that this was my first armor build. I am a figure and sometimes car guy so this was a departure in modeling for me. I really enjoyed the Academy kit. It went together with little fuss even though I opted for the individual link tracks.

Unfortunately, I did not take any notes while building this project and let’s face it, I rarely do, so this post may be a bit off. Because I built this kit several years before we started this website, I am writing this from my ever failing memory. I also did not take any in-progress photos so what you will see are photos of the final result.

From what I recall, the goal was to build a whole group of these light tanks to be put on display for a region contest. I am not one for contests or competition for my models but I do enjoy these group builds a lot. So I gladly joined in on the build.

Having never built an armor kit, I had lots of questions but fortunately, King Richard had foreseen this and had prepared an extensive amount of research material for the group. He had color references for most of the paint brands and loads of reference photos to go by. Even though the photos were black and white, the King had found a reference that translated the varying levels of grey to the actual colors specified by the build records. For my construction questions, King Richard and a few of the other armor modelers were always available for guidance.


    March 1, 2019

    Howdy, Mr. Willie! Great job on the Stuart! What scale is it, and what kit is it? It looks as though it’s 1/72nd, based on the dark brown cloth it’s sitting on.

    1. William Everhart
      March 3, 2019

      Thanks Gary. It is 1/35th scale. The cloth was a heavy texture. I don’t remember the kit but it was one of the big name companies.

  2. Richard Avery
    March 21, 2019


    How come I never saw this when we did the build?
    I thought that this was one of the neater tanks during the desert battles.
    You did an outstanding job on it.
    Was indeed a fun little kit.

    King Richard


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