Feb Meeting 2/7/2020

Monthly Meeting of Charlotte Scale Modelers.

Election news:  The votes are in and all accounted for.
Secretary :  Jim Kiker
Treasurer:  Joe Hartman
Veep:  Free Willie Everhart
Prez:  Dave Maher
We had 29 peeps at the meeting

Welcomed new Member Jason Riley.  Just like all of us, he’s good at collecting, maybe not so good at building.  But he still has a lot of his stuff in storage, so we’ll give him a temporary break.  Welcome Jason.

John Scott reported that the Saturday breakfast was a success, 23 guys
and wives attended.  It was voted to keep it at once a month for now.  Jonathon’s will be our go to place, but Brian is looking into a place on Westinghouse called John’s I think.  We’d like to have a place closer to our SC guys.  Let john know if you have any ideas.

Voted to keep dues at $20 for this year.  We’ll discuss this again at the end of the year if we seem to have too large of a balance in the check book.

Voted to make a $200 donation to the church for our meeting spot.

Voted to have the Christmas dinner at SJN again.  Everyone liked the quiet atmosphere that promoted conversation.  Dave Maher is checking to make sure the Dec 11 th date is available.

Jim Kiker did a neat ” how to ” to make canopies that are displayed open look more scale thin. 

I will try to post the meeting photos on the web page today sometime.  They are already on the Facebook page.

I've just gotten back into modeling since I joined the club 2 years ago. I've since become the editor of the newsletter and actually completed a couple of models. I've also learned I can use an airbrush. The club is the best thing for a modeler because of the great guys in it and their willingness to help and newcomer like me. I've had just a bunch of fun. Thanks Guys

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