Dave Maher

Name: Dave Maher

Callsign: Procrastinator

Bio: I joined the club a little over 4 years ago and saw myself as a car modeler.  Haven’t built a car yet.  Actually, I’ve only finished a couple of models in these 4 years, but I do the facebook page and the newsletter, so I build those.  Right now I’m working on the end of our P-40 build that was due last June, ’18.  Hence the name

I've just gotten back into modeling since I joined the club 2 years ago. I've since become the editor of the newsletter and actually completed a couple of models. I've also learned I can use an airbrush. The club is the best thing for a modeler because of the great guys in it and their willingness to help and newcomer like me. I've had just a bunch of fun. Thanks Guys