Corsair extra details

Engine and landing gear

I did my best to add more detail to the stock engine using the same 32 gauge wire as I used on the seat belts.

1.) I started off trying to glue the wires under the front engine transmission (?? the center part with the two objects on it). THAT did not work out for me and I scrapped it as the wire was to ridged to bent…and my glue was kind of not holding!
2.) Then I tried again, I glued the single wire to cylinder center.
And as I didn’t expose the sides (with an removed engine cover), I glued longer wires to the back firewall and bent the wire in place (which was MUCH easier).
3.) Then I added the wire between each cylinder, by gluing the ends to the back firewall and bending them in place (see the first two photos).

When the front engine covers are in place, it adds a bit more detail when peaking in and should paint up pretty nice. I saw another modeler paint it a metal color and simply add a black pin wash to make the details jump out.

Landing Gear:
As far as the landing gear goes, I wanted to take some of the separate parts, and build them together as one piece…instead of painting the parts loose.

1.) For the back landing gear, I practiced adding some weight to the tire by heating the bottom over a tea light candle…which was good, since I made it way to flat. It does not take a lot of heat! And use light pressure and view your progress. Better to try take your time and check your progress, than to make it TOO FLAT. I may brave trying the front wheels. If I screw them up, I’ll have to buy a resin set.

2.) I also opened up the back triangle piece (that matched my references I’ve seen).

3.) The front landing gear I added wire to duplicate wire I saw on references. The very thin copper wire was from a stripped Ethernet cable I saved to my parts bin.


  1. Dave Maher
    March 24, 2019

    Awesome, did you say you were going to have the cowl OPEN? as in being worked on ?

    1. Steve Mahalko
      March 25, 2019

      I was planning on cutting out part of the engine panels with the group bee and have some custom figures working on it but, I’m not sure if the engine will be nice enough to be exposed like that…AND, it’s more work to do on it.
      I just don’t want to bite off more than I can chew. Since I have PLENTY of other builds to work on that I’m excited to start.


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