Corsair #2 engine detail and wire recommendation!

So I started building my second Corsair for the group build. As no more than an excuse to have one with it’s wings down and the other with it’s wings folded up.
I started detailing the engine on this one and I’ve made a HUGE discovery…
use LEAD wire!!!!
This stuff is extremely soft and will just about bend under the slightest pressure (even pushing down to glue it in place!). Making it much, MUCH easier to bend where you want it.
I picked this wire up at a sporting good store in the fishing section (fly fishing, I think). I’m going to try to start on the wiring on this second Corsair’s landing gear next.

Anyway, this stuff is AMAZING and I STRONGLY recommend you pick some up to use in your scratch building. I also got it in four sizes (thicknesses)….030, .025, .020 & the thinnest I could find .015.


  1. Dave Maher
    April 7, 2019

    Hey Steve, when you get done with the brakes, could you show that too, I couldn’t tell where they went exactly the other night with the paint already one.

    1. Steve Mahalko
      April 7, 2019

      Hey Dave, Here is a detailed photo here:

  2. Gary Mason
    April 7, 2019

    Great job so far, Steve! You can also use solder for the wiring and pushrods and anything else that you can think of. Solder is a lead-tin eutectic alloy, and it’s a bit stiffer than plain lead, but still very easy to bend. Plus, you can buy it at just about any hardware store, and in many different diameters.
    Gary Mason


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