Club Build Project: Curtiss P-40

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Here at Charlotte Scale Modelers we occasionally like to mix things up a bit and participate in a group build. This time ’round the subject is the Curtiss P-40 and so far 20 of our members are committed to the cause. We always have a great time during these group builds and it is especially interesting for those who want to learn more about a particular genre of model building.

You see, we like to share in the experience of the hobby and a group build is a perfect way to do this. Everyone starts with the same model kit and we set down some ground rules as to the variances that can be made. This gives everyone that participates a chance to take part and yet still make it their own. For this particular group build, it can be any model of  P-40,  including ones seen only in movies or TV.  We are also including crashed and modified planes.

The plan is to finish the planes by the end of March  ‘ 18 so that we can display them in the upcoming show season. While this is only open to current members of The Charlotte Scale Modelers we are considering possible global builds in the future where anyone can get involved. So if you would like to participate in one of these group builds, leave a comment below.

For our current members, here is a Copy of CSM Group build roster Draft B for this P-40 build. If you are not on this list let Dave Maher know. If you did not get in on this during the opening volley, there may be some time left, you just have to let Dave know.

For those members who are participating

You can write about your build here at the CSM website. Be sure to apply the correct category to your post or it will not appear on this page. Chronicle your build, the good, the bad and the ugly. Ask questions or give advice. By sharing your experiences you are helping other modelers and making the whole process more fun for everyone. The more you share the better.

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