Bixler’s European Tram WIP

So this is something a bit different….1/35 scale European Tram with figures. I’m not much of a picture taker, phone works OK but here goes.

Side view. Blue is Vallejo Model Air, yellow is MIG and green is MIG. MIG very difficult to airbrush.
View looking inside. All the wood was simulated using various tans and browns (acrylics), then over coated with various oils, wiped with a dish scrub pad and allowed to dry, then topped with Tamiya clear orange.
Tram front view
Close up of wood paneling and flooring
Drivers Station
Figure 1

anyway, you get an idea. Figures painted with Vallejo and craft acrylics. Lot’s of problems with the photos so will have to try something else next time. Thanks for looking


    March 1, 2019

    Great job, Mr. Bixler!

  2. Dave Maher
    March 4, 2019

    Love it,

  3. Richard Avery
    March 21, 2019


    Great job so far.
    Who said you couldn’t do figures.
    The little guy looks great to me.
    Be nice once weathered.
    I definitely loved the advertisement for the ladies undergarments.
    I will need to get one of these for a diorama as a future build since it looks like a jewel of a model.
    Thanks for sharing.
    King Richard

    1. David Bixler
      March 21, 2019

      thanks for the kind words. Still plugging away on it, maybe one day I’ll finish it even!


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